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What we do

We conduct, regulate, and report on general elections and by-elections for the Parliament of New South Wales. We also provide electoral services to local governments. Our work includes:

  • running independent, fair and accessible elections

  • providing transparent processes and guidance to assist political participants (including candidates, parties, elected members, donors, third-party campaigners and lobbyists) to comply with their legal obligations

  • publishing political donation and expenditure disclosures and registers of political parties, candidates agents, third-party campaigners and political lobbyists

  • engaging with the public to make it easier for people to understand and participate in the democratic process

  • investigating possible offences and enforcing breaches of electoral, funding and disclosure, and lobbying laws.

Other electoral services

We provide electoral services for a range of government, public and commercial organisations, including registered clubs, statutory boards, the NSW Aboriginal Land Council and State registered industrial organisations, each with their own legal and regulatory requirements. 

Maintaining and accessing the electoral roll

The NSW Electoral Commission maintains the State electoral roll and controls access to the roll according to the law. Electoral rolls are not available for sale, and it is illegal to copy an electoral roll in New South Wales. Individuals may request access to the roll in person or request access to electoral data from the Electoral Commissioner.