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Annual major political donor disclosure

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What is an annual major political donor disclosure?  

A major political donor is required to lodge an annual donor disclosure.

Find out more about the rules around disclosing political donations by watching the video below.

Which political participants must disclose? 

Any person or entity that has made a political donation of $1,000 or more within the annual period is defined as a major political donor and is required to make a disclosure for the annual period in which the donation was made.

What must be disclosed?

A major political donor is required to disclose all reportable political donations of $1,000 or more made to a NSW political party, elected member, group, candidate, third-party campaigner or associated entity during the annual disclosure period.

Political donations made by a donor solely for the purpose of a federal election, or an election outside of New South Wales, or for the purpose of a member of a parliament other than the NSW Parliament, are not required to be disclosed to the NSW Electoral Commission.

Contact the Australian Electoral Commission, or the electoral authority in another state or territory for disclosure requirements outside of New South Wales.

Donors required to disclose related corporation donations

Corporations that are related to each other (as determined by the Corporations Act 2001) are taken to be a single corporation.

An individual who makes a political donation on behalf of a corporation that is related to another corporation that has made a political donation to the same party, elected member, group, candidate, third-party campaigner or associated entity in the same financial year, must disclose to the person accepting the donation:

  1. the name of the corporation making the political donation

  2. the name of the related corporation and the amounts of the political donations made during that same financial year.

Political donations made by related corporations to the same political participant, when aggregated, must not exceed the donations cap.

What are the key dates?

The annual major political donor disclosure period:

  • starts on 1 July

  • ends on 30 June.

Disclosures must be lodged with the NSW Electoral Commission within six weeks of the end of the annual disclosure period and are:

  • due by 11 August.

How do I make a disclosure? 

Disclosures must be made using the approved NSW Electoral Commission disclosure form. Disclosure forms contain a declaration the person responsible must sign to state all disclosures required to be made have been made, and are true and correct.

Disclosures can be made to the NSW Electoral Commission using Funding and disclosure online. Log in or request access.