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Education and guidance

The Electoral Act 2017 provides that the NSW Electoral Commission may promote public awareness of electoral matters through education and information campaigns. The Electoral Funding Act 2018 provides similarly that the NSW Electoral Commission may undertake education and information programs to inform parties, elected members, candidates, groups, third-party campaigners, party agents, official agents, donors, and associated entities of their obligations under the Act. 

Education and awareness-raising are priority activities, particularly in the lead-up to elections, disclosure periods and the introduction of legislative or policy change.

We have created a range of educational videos, fact sheets, information about funding and disclosures and webinars to enhance the awareness of political participants (and the NSW community more broadly) of their obligations. The NSW Electoral Commission has also issued formal Guidelines under section 152 of the Electoral Funding Act 2018, which may have binding application in some cases and must also be taken into account by the Electoral Commission when making decisions under the Act. 

If you have questions about election or lobbying regulation, you can use the relevant contact details on our contact us page.

Please note that the NSW Electoral Commission strives to deliver clear and educational guidance so political participants can more easily comply with their obligations. We cannot provide legal advice, however, and we are required to remain impartial and politically neutral at all times. If you are still in doubt about the application of electoral and lobbying laws to your individual circumstances, after considering our general guidance information, you should seek independent legal advice.