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Technology assisted voting (iVote) reports

These reports relate to technology assisted voting for eligible electors, which commenced in 2011.

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Review of technology assisted voting

Following his decision that iVote would not be available for the 2023 NSW State election, the Electoral Commissioner commenced a review into technology assisted voting (TAV), including options for the 2027 NSW State election. 

The interim TAV review report was published in August 2023, informed by submissions from stakeholders. The report, submissions and proposed review timeline are available to view.

2023 NSW State election iVote determination

The Electoral Commissioner has determined not to use iVote at the 2023 NSW State election or at by-elections between 1 July 2022 and 25 March 2023.

Electoral Commissioner’s determination

iVote system performance issues at the 2021 Local Government elections

iVote at the 2021 NSW Local Government elections

iVote audit report (post election) (PDF 1.1MB) (Deloitte)

iVote source code review (PDF 0.1MB) (Demtech)

Scytl’s response to the Demtech review – technical responses to points found in the review (PDF 0.3MB)

NSW Electoral Commission response to the review and Scytl response (PDF 0.6MB)

Preliminary iVote audit report (pre-election) (PDF 0.9MB) (Deloitte)

iVote audit plan (PDF 0.4MB) (Deloitte)

The NSW Electoral Commission has engaged Deloitte as an independent auditor to assist in validating the iVote control environment prior to and during the NSW Local Government elections in December 2021.

iVote Refresh Project 2017-2019

PwC testing and observation plan - Specified Procedures for 2019 State Elections (PDF 0.1MB)

iVote Control Assessment Framework - overview of control objectives (PDF 0.3MB)

iVote refresh project for the 2019 NSW State election (PDF 1.9MB)

Technology Assisted Voting - Approved procedures for NSW State elections (PDF 0.4MB)

iVote source code review invitation (7 January 2019)

iVote Refresh Project initiation brief (PDF 0.9MB)

iVote Refresh Project procurement strategy (PDF 0.3MB)

iVote Refresh Project industry engagement (PDF 0.3MB)

Report on the iVote system

The NSW Electoral Commission engaged Mr Roger Wilkins AO to undertake an inquiry concerning the iVote system. This followed the NSW Government's response to the NSW Parliament's Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters report on the 2015 State election.

View Mr Wilkins' report (PDF 1.8MB).

View the NSW Electoral Commission response to the recommendations made in the report.

iVote at state general elections