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Stop and consider

The 2023 NSW State election is on Saturday, 25 March and there’s a lot of information to think about.

The NSW Electoral Commission is running an awareness campaign encouraging voters to consider what they see, hear and read that may seek to influence their vote. The campaign is called “Stop and Consider” and is running across digital and print media in NSW.

How do you know what’s true? Stop and consider what you see, hear, and read and make sure you check the facts.

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Check the source

Take time to consider if the information is:


Is it from a reliable or recognisable source? Has it come from a credible media outlet or verified social media account? Remember – electoral laws do not regulate the truth of communication.

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When was it published? Just because something was shared today does not mean it is current. Always check the original source and publication date.

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Could it be a scam? If you are suspicious of information being shared, it is important to think carefully before engaging.

Check our disinformation register

Our Disinformation Register tracks and rebuts prominent false and misleading statements about electoral processes in our state. It also notes any action taken by the NSW Electoral Commission.

Check the register

The NSW Electoral Commission's role

The NSW Electoral Commission is the independent agency tasked with running the NSW election. It provides reliable information on the electoral process and can investigate the authorisation of electoral communcations. We will publicly highlight and correct particularly prominent, persistent or harmful pieces of disinformation related to the electoral process.

Outside of the election process – the NSW Electoral Commission does not have a role in checking the truth of electoral communication.

Educational videos

This campaign is based on the Australian Electoral Commission’s “Stop and Consider” campaign.