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What is a disclosure? 

A disclosure is the reporting of information to the NSW Electoral Commission relating to:
  • political donations received and made, and electoral expenditure incurred by:

    • candidates

    • groups of candidates

    • elected members

    • political parties

    • associated entities.

  • electoral expenditure incurred during a capped expenditure period and political donations received (for the purpose of that electoral expenditure) by:

    • third-party campaigners.

  • reportable political donations made by:

    • major political donors.

If a political participant falls into more than one of the above categories during a financial year, they must make separate disclosures for each. For example, a candidate who is also an elected member must lodge separate disclosures as a candidate and as an elected member.

Find out more about disclosing political donations and electoral expenditure by watching the video below.

Political participants may be required to make one or more of the following disclosures:

Not all political participants are required to make disclosures during all of the above disclosure periods. Access the links to determine which political participants are required to disclose during which periods.