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What happens if my disclosure is incorrect or not lodged?

Making an incomplete disclosure or failure to disclose may be unlawful and can attract penalties including a fine or prosecution. Breaching the legal requirements for disclosures may constitute a criminal offence. The NSW Electoral Commission may issue warnings, penalties or prosecute offences for:

  • failure to lodge a disclosure form by the due date

  • making incomplete disclosures

  • making a false statement in a declaration on a disclosure form

  • withholding information relevant to a disclosure form.

If you need to amend your disclosure form after you have lodged it, you must do so using a disclosure amendment form, or through Funding and Disclosure Online. You should not submit an updated copy of your original disclosure form.

Disclosure forms submitted to the NSW Electoral Commission for the financial year commencing July 2018 and onwards can be amended using Funding and Disclosure Online.

For more information on amending a disclosure form using Funding and Disclosure Online see our Amending a previously submitted funding and disclosure form page.

To lodge a disclosure amendment form manually see our Disclosure forms page or contact us to request a disclosure amendment form.