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Inquiries and submissions

As a public sector statutory body, we are required to report annually on our work and activities. Other reports are submitted in accordance with various pieces of legislation, for example reports on the administration of elections as per the Electoral Act 2017 and special reports to Parliament as per the Electoral Funding Act 2018. 

The NSW Electoral Commission and the Electoral Commissioner participate, via formal submissions and appearances in person, to reviews and inquiries. Submissions are made to the Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters (JSCEM) when it inquires into and reports on electoral laws and practices and the spending and public funding of political parties. Submissions and discussion papers are contributed to, or on behalf of, the Electoral Council of Australia and New Zealand (ECANZ) and a range of other committees and bodies.

The Electoral Commissioner also appears at various New South Wales Parliamentary hearings, such as the Portfolio Committee No. 1 - Premier and Finance budget estimates. See below for the our recent submissions to these various inquiries and committees.