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Funding legislation

Electoral Funding Act

The Electoral Funding Act 2018:

  • sets out rules about electoral funding and expenditure;
  • establishes a disclosure scheme;
  • facilitates public awareness of political donations;
  • helps prevent corruption and undue influence in the government (both State and local);
  • provides for the Electoral Commission to administer public funds to parties, candidates and elected members; and
  • provides for the Electoral Commission to enforce breaches of the Act.

Electoral Funding Act 2018

Electoral Funding Regulation 2018

See some of the key changes that were made to the Electoral Funding Act 2018

Guidelines under the Electoral Funding Act

From time to time, the Electoral Commission may determine and issue guidelines about anything dealt with in the Electoral Funding Act. The guidelines must be consistent with the Electoral Funding Act and Electoral Funding Regulation. You can find all guidelines determined and issued by the Electoral Commission below.

The guidelines determined and issued by the NSW Electoral Commission prior to 1 July 2018 under the now repealed Election Funding, Expenditure and Disclosures Act 1981 remain in effect for political donations and electoral expenditure before 1 July 2018.