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Appointing an agent

An agent can only be appointed by a political party, third-party campaigner or associated entity. A person can only be appointed as an agent if they meet all essential criteria.

A person can be appointed as an agent for more than one political party, associated entity or third-party campaigner, but each appointment must be made separately.

The registered officer of a registered party cannot be appointed as the party’s agent. Appointed agents must be registered with the NSW Electoral Commission.

The agent appointment process is completed online using Funding and Disclosure Online. An agent must indicate their acceptance of the appointment or can decline the appointment.

To appoint an agent, or to accept or decline an appointment as an agent, you must have access to Funding and Disclosure Online. Request access if you don’t yet have access, or login. Follow the step-by-step instructions on how to complete the process.

It is recommended the prospective agent completes the NSW Electoral Commission’s agent training program (unless exempt) before the online form is started.

For the appointment of a party agent, the online form must be started by the registered officer, deputy registered officer or secretary of the party. For the appointment of an official agent, the online form must be started by an authorised person of the associated entity or third-party campaigner, or if the third-party campaigner is an individual, by the individual.

The online form is then forwarded to the prospective agent who must accept or decline the appointment and submit the form to the NSW Electoral Commission. If the appointment is approved by the NSW Electoral Commission, the agent will be registered and have their details included in a publicly available register. The NSW Electoral Commission is required to publish the agent registers.