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What is Funding and disclosure online?

Funding and disclosure online is an online platform that supports political participants to effectively and efficiently comply with electoral funding laws.

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What can I do on Funding and disclosure online? 

Funding and disclosure online enables political participants to:

  • complete and submit political donation and electoral expenditure disclosures forms 

  • enter disclosure information and upload supporting documentation on an ongoing basis

  • provide electronic signatures when submitting forms

  • amend previously submitted disclosures

  • complete nil disclosures quickly and easily

  • request additional time to submit a disclosure form

  • apply to register as a candidate, group of candidates, associated entity or third-party campaigner for a NSW state or local government election

  • update your personal and registered details as they change

  • appoint and withdraw an appointment of an agent

  • submit a public funding claim.

Explore our How-to guides for instructions on these processes and more.

Who can access and use Funding and disclosure online?

The people listed below can request access to the site. 

  • Party agents, registered officers, deputy registered officers and secretaries of political parties

  • Prospective and currently registered candidates for a future NSW state or local government election

  • Current members of Parliament, local government councillors and mayors

  • Current or prospective third-party campaigner and political donor individuals

  • Any person authorised by an entity that is a current or prospective third-party campaigner, associated entity or political donor

  • Official agents of third-party campaigners and associated entities

  • Prospective official agents and party agents.

Once you have access you can use Funding and disclosure online to submit applications, disclosures and other notifications to the NSW Electoral Commission as required by your role.

When you have been granted access, you can request for other people to be given access to the site so they can assist you in entering disclosure information and uploading supporting documents for political donations and electoral expenditure.

How to access Funding and disclosure online

To access Funding and disclosure online you must use the Google Chrome web browser on your laptop or desktop computer. The site is not currently compatible with mobile devices.

You must request access to the site as a new user by providing an email address and mobile phone number. If your access request is approved, you will receive by email a username and password to the site that you will use every time you log on.

Documents you will need when requesting access to Funding and disclosure online

When requesting access you will need to provide your personal details, contact information and the details of two supported Australian identity documents that will be used to verify your identity.

Identity documents may include either two primary documents including a passport, drivers’ licence or immigration card; or one primary document and one secondary document including a Medicare card, citizenship certificate, marriage certificate, certificate of registration-by-descent, birth certificate, change of name certificate or a visa.

Identity documents must be current and issued by a government authority in Australia. The NSW Electoral Commission does not keep or save the details you enter from your identity documents. The details you enter are used by the issuing agency, for example, Medicare, to confirm the details you entered from the identity document are correct and current.