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How do I complete a disclosure form?

The NSW Electoral Commission produces specific disclosure forms depending on the type of disclosure. These disclosure forms apply to parties, elected members, candidates, groups of candidates, third-party campaigners, associated entities and political donors.

Types of disclosures:

  • reportable political donations made or received in the lead up to a state general election must be disclosed within 21 days as part of a pre-election disclosure (does not apply to political donors and political donations for local government elections)

  • all other political donations made and received must be disclosed within six weeks of the end of each half-year period ending 31 December and 30 June (ie by 12 February and 12 August).

  • electoral expenditure incurred must be disclosed within 12 weeks of the end of the annual period ending 30 June (ie by 23 September)

  • political donors who have made one or more reportable political donations in a financial year must disclose annually within six weeks after the end of the annual period (ie by 12 August).

Disclose online using Funding and disclosure online:

  1. Log in to Funding and disclosure online using your username and password, or request access (if you don’t already have access)

  2. For steps on how to submit a disclosure, you can use the instructions on how to create and submit a disclosure, or the instructions on how to submit a ‘Nil’ disclosure.

Alternatively, use the applicable disclosure form on the website and submit it by email. Once you have located the relevant disclosure form, you can either complete each section electronically and then print the form and sign it, or print the form, complete each section by hand and sign it.

All disclosure forms must be completed by the person responsible. 

Examples of how to complete a disclosure form  

Can I amend a disclosure?

To amend a disclosure previously submitted to the NSW Electoral Commission the person responsible must use the appropriate disclosure amendment form.