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Lobbyists watchlist

The NSW Electoral Commission maintains a Lobbyists watchlist that contains the names and other identifying details of any lobbyist whom the NSW Electoral Commission determines should be placed on the Lobbyists watchlist because of contraventions of the Lobbyists code of conduct and any other lobbying laws.

To see the Lobbyist watchlist, access the Third-Party Lobbyist Register under the tab "Watchlist".

Should the NSW Electoral Commission so determine, those details will be available on this webpage.

A NSW government official must not permit lobbying by a lobbyist whose name has been placed on the Lobbyists watchlist, unless:

  • at least two NSW Government official who are not a NSW Minister or Parliamentary Secretary or a staff member of a NSW Minister or Parliamentary Secretary are present during any communication with the lobbyist, and

  • one of those NSW Government officials takes notes of the communications with the lobbyist, and provides a copy of those notes to the head of the relevant NSW public service agency.