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Responsible officers

Responsible officer

A registered third-party lobbyist must appoint a responsible officer. The responsible officer is a person with management or financial interests in the third-party and may be a director, secretary or other person who holds an executive position with the registered third-party lobbyist. The officer is responsible for compliance with lobbying rules on behalf of the third-party lobbyist.

To appoint a responsible officer submit the LR.003 Notice of appointment of responsible officer for a third-party lobbyist form to the NSW Electoral Commission.

The NSW Electoral Commission may cancel or suspend the registration of a third-party lobbyist that fails to appoint a responsible officer.

Online training

The responsible officer appointed by a third-party lobbyist must complete online training as part of the registration process. This must be done by logging in to the Lobbyists Online Portal, so that completion of the training is recorded. A registered third-party lobbyist must also make sure that the responsible officer undertakes this training annually.

Those who are not responsible officers, such as government officials, employees of a registered third-party lobbyist, and interested members of the public, can also access the online training to gain an overview of the rules that apply to lobbying in NSW, including the requirement for a third-party lobbyist to be registered and the Lobbyists Code of Conduct.

If you have any questions about the online training, contact us at lobbyists@elections.nsw.gov.au.