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Visitors' responsibilities using information and services on our website

This website is presented by the NSW Electoral Commission to provide information about what we do free of charge for the benefit of the public. We are also required by law to publish certain information here and to make certain services available. 

We monitor the quality of information on our website and take care to keep it accurate, up to date and useful. We do not guarantee, however, that the information is free from errors or omission, or that it is exhaustive. The information is provided for general information only and may omit detail that could be relevant in a particular context, or to particular people. It should not be relied on as a substitute for legal advice.
All users should take steps to independently verify the information on this website and its relevance to their own situation, before acting on it. These steps include users:

  • exercising their own skill and judgement in relation to the information

  • taking steps to evaluate the information’s accuracy, currency, completeness and relevance to their own circumstances

  • seeking their own professional advice where appropriate.

If you find a broken link on the website, contact us.

Technical updates may unavoidably impact visitors from time to time

At times and without notice our website will be updated or amended to improve the functionality and performance of the website. While we endeavour to undertake such updates or amendments at times that will least inconvenience users of the website, this is not always possible. The NSW Electoral Commission shall in no event accept any liability for loss or damage suffered by any person due to the website becoming inaccessible as a result of computer downtime, malfunctions or factors beyond our control.

Updates to information and services will be made but not always immediately following a legislative or policy change

The NSW Electoral Commission endeavours to make sure that information provided on this website is correct at the time of its publication. We will make periodic changes to the information and services available on the website in response to changes in legislation or policies. It is not always possible to update or amend the information and services as soon as changes in legislation and policies occur. We may make changes to the website at any time without notice. The NSW Electoral Commission is not in any way liable for the accuracy of any information printed and stored by a user.

Users of online registration services must notify the NSW Electoral Commission immediately if the security of a user account has been compromised

A number of our webpages enable you to create an online account to facilitate particular services and functions of the NSW Electoral Commission eg the registration of third party lobbyists. While the NSW Electoral Commission undertakes all reasonable safeguards to protect these accounts, it is the personal responsibility of the account holder to maintain the confidentiality of their password and account details.  If the account holder believes their account has been compromised, they should let us know immediately. We will not be liable for any loss or damage that may occur as a result of an account holder’s failure to protect their account details or in circumstances beyond our control.

The NSW Electoral Commission does not endorse third-party information available via links to other websites

Where this website provides links to third party websites, it does so for convenience and information purposes only. Following links to these websites is entirely at your own risk. The NSW Election Commission has not verified the content of third party websites and is not responsible or liable for any losses or damages in connection with linking to these sites. The inclusion of a link to a third party website does not imply any endorsement or approval of the linked site or its content by the NSW Electoral Commission.

The NSW Electoral Commission is not responsible for third party posts on our social networking sites and may remove comments at any time

We provide links from this website to social networking sites, such as Facebook. While we undertake all reasonable steps to monitor the comments posted on our social media accounts, this is not always possible. The NSW Electoral Commission is not responsible, or liable to any person, for the content and accuracy of any materials posted on its social media accounts. We have the right (not an obligation) to remove any comments people may make on our social media pages/accounts for whatever reasons, especially if such comments do not reflect our values or the content standards of the social media provider.

No guarantees are given about the accuracy of website search functions

The search functions provided on this website assist internet users to locate resources. However, the NSW Electoral Commission takes no responsibility for the accuracy, currency, reliability and correctness of its search facilities, and does not warrant or represent that the search facilities are free from errors or omission, or that they are exhaustive.

Visitors to this website must protect their own computer’s security, including adequate virus protections in place for internet browsing

While the NSW Electoral Commission takes all reasonable steps and safeguards concerning the security of its website, we accept no liability or responsibility for any interference with or damage to the website visitor’s computer, software or data occurring as a result of accessing this website. Visitors should ensure they have adequate protection against viruses when accessing the Internet.

General legal disclaimer

The NSW Electoral Commission disclaims, to the extent permitted by law, all warranties, representations or endorsements, express or implied, with regard to the information and services on this website including but not limited to, non-infringement.

We do not warrant or accept any liability in relation to the quality, operability or accuracy of the information and services on this website.

The information and services are made available on the understanding that the NSW Electoral Commission and its employees and agents shall have no liability (including but not limited to liability by reason of negligence) to the users of the website for any loss, damage, cost or expense whether direct, indirect, consequential or special, incurred by, or arising by reason of, any person using or relying on the information and services on the website and whether caused by reason of any error, omission or misrepresentation in the information or otherwise.
In this disclaimer, the use of the term:
* ‘website’ extends to all webpages and websites hosted on servers owned or managed by the NSW Electoral Commission and its contractors
* ‘information’ extends to all forms of data, files types (including audio, imagery, videography), webpage content and all other information compiled, recorded, or stored in any form that is published, display or accessible from the website.