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Register as an associated entity

An associated entity must be registered with the NSW Electoral Commission before making payments for electoral expenditure incurred during the capped expenditure period for an election.

It is an offence for an associated entity to make payments for electoral expenditure or accept political donations for that purpose without being registered.

Register as an associated entity and appoint an official agent using Funding and Disclosure Online. The authorised person can start the registration process by logging in to Funding and Disclosure Online or requesting access

An associated entity must appoint an official agent who meets the criteria for being appointed. The official agent may need to complete the NSW Electoral Commission’s online training. The official agent can accept or decline the appointment and complete any required training online.

If you cannot use Funding and Disclosure Online a form is available on request.

Read more information on registering an associated entity using Funding and Disclosure Online.

The registration of an associated entity is ongoing, meaning that an associated entity is not required to apply to be registered for each capped expenditure period during which payments for electoral expenditure are made.

Registered details of associated entities and official agents are published on the NSW Electoral Commission's website.

Amend the register

An associated entity’s official agent must notify the NSW Electoral Commission of any changes to the details stated on the register within 30 days of the change occurring.

The associated entity’s official agent can update details using Funding and Disclosure Online. Once the details have been updated online, the NSW Electoral Commission will update the register. Log in or request access to Funding and Disclosure Online.

If you cannot access Funding and Disclosure Online, contact us to request a form

The NSW Electoral Commission may serve a notice to an official agent of the associated entity (if it believes on reasonable grounds that an associated entity has not notified the NSW Electoral Commission of changes to the register) requesting them to update the register within 30 days after service of the notice.

If after being served with the notice the official agent fails to notify the NSW Electoral Commission of any changes, the associated entity’s registration may be cancelled.