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Statutory declarations

Before an individual can be included on the Register of Third-party Lobbyists, a statutory declaration is required by all third-party lobbyists who are individuals and by any employees, contractors or persons otherwise engaged by the lobbyist.

The statutory declaration must be provided to the effect that the individual:

  • has never been sentenced to a term of imprisonment of 30 months or more;

  • has not been convicted, as an adult, in the last ten years, of an offence, one element of which involves dishonesty, such as theft or fraud; and

  • is not occupying or acting in an office or position concerned with the management of a political party registered under Part 6 of the Electoral Act 2017 (NSW).

If a person is listed as an owner and an employee of a third-party lobbyist the individual is only required to provide one statutory declaration.

Ensure that all of the sections of the statutory declaration form are completed and that the declaration is witnessed by an appropriately qualified person.  The following persons may witness a statutory declaration in New South Wales:

  • a justice of the peace;

  • a notary public;

  • a solicitor or barrister with a current New South Wales or interstate practising certificate;

  • a commissioner of the court for taking affidavits; and

  • a person by law authorised to administer an oath.

The completed statutory declaration form must be submitted to the NSW Electoral Commission by email to lobbyists@elections.nsw.gov.au.

An incomplete statutory declaration will delay the processing of an application for inclusion on the Register of Third-Party Lobbyists.

Statutory declaration forms

A statutory declaration must be made pursuant to the legislation applicable in the state or territory in which the declaration is made.  If the declaration is made in a state or territory other than New South Wales, the declaration must reference the equivalent local act.  For example, an application made in Victoria must be made using a Victorian statutory declaration.

The following templates for each state and territory in Australia have been pre-filled with the required declaration:

Refer to the following resources for information about the requirements for making statutory declarations in the relevant state or territory, such as who is authorised to witness a declaration: