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State election work opportunities

Positions available during the election period

People employed before or after election day may be required to provide administrative, clerical and computer support to the election manager.

Position descriptions

Positions available on election day

People employed on election day may be required to assist with the setup of the voting centre, issue ordinary and absent ballot papers, assist electors, sort and count ballot papers and decommission the voting centre.

Position descriptions

Voting Centre Managers are responsible for managing all activities that happen in the voting centre on election day. This includes:

  • set up of the voting centre

  • management of all election day staff

  • dealing with complex customer service issues

  • dealing with scrutineers and candidates

  • packing up the voting centre.

The Deputy Voting Centre Manager supports the Voting Centre Manager in carrying out all duties on election day.

Declaration Vote Issuing Officers provide information and the correct voting papers to electors who are not found on the roll.