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Register of third-party lobbyists

The details of registered third-party lobbyists, and their clients, are entered into a register maintained and published by the NSW Electoral Commission.

The Lobbyists Register includes the following information:

  • the name and business contact details of the lobbyist
  • the names of individuals engaged to undertake the lobbying of government officials for the lobbyist (‘employees’)
  • the names of individuals who have a management, financial or other interest in the lobbyist (‘owners’)
  • the names of third parties (‘clients’) who have retained the lobbyist to provide, or for whom the lobbyist has provided, lobbying services (whether paid or unpaid), including information about those clients who are foreign principals.

A foreign principal includes a foreign government, a foreign political organisation, a foreign government-related entity, or a foreign government-related individual for whom a registered third-party lobbyist is providing services. More information about the meaning of ‘foreign principal’ can be found in this fact sheet published by the Commonwealth Attorney General or refer to the Foreign Influence Transparency Scheme Act 2018 of the Commonwealth.

Information on the register that is no longer current is retained on the register. Information relating to a third-party lobbyist is retained in the Lobbyists Register until at least 2 years after the third-party lobbyist ceased to be registered. This includes the lobbyist’s particulars, employees and client details.