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Our Investigations team reviews and, where appropriate, investigates possible breaches of electoral and lobbying laws.  Some breaches of the law are identified through our own compliance work. Others are reported to us by members of the public or referred to us by other agencies. 

Members of the public may make an allegation to us that a New South Wales electoral or lobbying law has been contravened by another person by letter or via email.

Please note, however, that although there are strict limitations on disclosure of information relating to our investigation functions, we may be authorised or required by law to disclose personal information that you report to us.

For example, the NSW Electoral Commission may be satisfied under the Electoral Act 2017 that it is in the public interest in a particular case to disclose information (including identifying information) publicly about a matter under investigation, including to any person who may have reported the breach or to the general public.

Report a breach of a NSW electoral or lobbying law via investigations@elections.nsw.gov.au

Receipt of your correspondence will be acknowledged, and we may seek more information from you. Reports of possible breaches are reviewed in accordance with our Compliance and Enforcement Policy and Procedures. If we have reasonable grounds to suspect a contravention, we have the power to compel a person to produce documents, provide information, answer questions and attend an interview, or to conduct searches of certain premises. 

Statistical information about the NSW Electoral Commission’s investigation activities, and information about any enforcement action taken, including matters prosecuted in court, is published annually and tabled in the NSW Parliament.