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What is a party?

A political party is a body or organisation with objectives or activities that include the promotion of endorsed candidates for election to the NSW Parliament or to a local Council in New South Wales. A political party may be a body corporate, an association or organisation (incorporated or unincorporated), or a branch or division of one of these.

For a body or organisation to be considered a political party, it must:

  • have identifiable members

  • have one or more persons fulfilling a role that could be characterised as an office holder, including a senior office holder

  • endorse candidates that reciprocate this endorsement by indicating that they accept the endorsement and by communicating publicly that, if elected, they will represent the party in Parliament or on council.

Political parties that endorse candidates for election to the NSW Parliament or to a NSW local council are subject to laws that are regulated by the NSW Electoral Commission.

Not all political parties are registered. However, registered parties receive certain benefits and have certain obligations from being registered.

The NSW Electoral Commissioner administers the registration of parties for State elections and local government elections in New South Wales.

The three-member NSW Electoral Commission is responsible for regulating and enforcing activities of political parties including the political donations and electoral expenditure of political parties.

If you have questions about the status of a body or organisation as a political party, you can contact us during business hours on 1300 022 011 or via email at fdc@elections.nsw.gov.au.