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Cancellation of party registration

The NSW Electoral Commissioner may cancel the registration of a party.

The cancellation of a party registration may occur:

  • at the written request of the registered officer of a party or

  • if the NSW Electoral Commissioner is satisfied on reasonable grounds that:

    • a registered party no longer exists (for example, because it was merged with another party)

    • a registered party is no longer eligible to be a registered party

    • after registration, the party did not nominate any candidate at a general election or

    • the party’s registration was obtained by fraud or misrepresentation.

If the registration of a party is cancelled, the NSW Electoral Commissioner will:

  • notify the registered officer of the party of the cancellation and the reasons for cancellation

  • publish a notice of cancellation in the NSW Government Gazette and on the NSW Electoral Commission’s website 

  • remove the party’s name and other particulars from the register.