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What is a comment?


The comments period has closed.

Comments received have been published. The content below has been left here for information purposes only.


Redistribution is a whole-of-State process. The Electoral Districts Redistribution Panel’s primary task is to distribute the enrolled electors evenly across New South Wales and comments on suggestions about individual electoral districts must be balanced with this goal.

It is a preference of the Redistribution Panel that comments on suggestions contain alternative solutions rather than criticism.

Anybody, including individuals, groups or organisations can make a written comment on a suggestion that has been made to and published by the Redistribution Panel relating to the distribution of New South Wales into electoral districts.

Example comments

Some examples of topics that might be commented on include:

  • The reallocation of electors between districts by submitter X assumed projected population/enrolment changes that were in error. More correctly the locality will require reallocation in the following manner…

  • A boundary proposed by submitter Y cuts through a particular community and separates them from their social or cultural facilities. The alternative should be ...

  • Submitter Z suggested a name for a current, new or changed electoral district that is not reflective of the community view. It should remain as existing … or … should be changed because of ...

If you are able to demonstrate a level of community support for your comments, this could also assist the Redistribution Panel in its decision-making processes.

Comment publication

Any comments on suggestions received will be published on this website for public inspection.