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Final report - November 2023

The NSW Electoral Commissioner, John Schmidt, has released the final report of his review into technology assisted voting. The report has been provided to the NSW Government and the NSW Parliament’s Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters for consideration.

Final review report (PDF 1.2MB)

Final review report (DOC 0.9MB)

Interim review report - August 2023

The Interim review report sets out provisional analysis and options for limited voting via the internet, kiosks and telephone. The report was released on 1 August 2023 and updated on 11 August 2023 with respect to features of the Australian Capital Territory electronic voting system. The report provides guidance on how to prepare a submission. Stakeholders have until Thursday 14 September 2023 to provide feedback before the final publication of the review.

Interim review report - version 1.1 (PDF 1MB)

Interim review report - version 1.1 (DOC 1MB)

Issues and questions paper - December 2022

The Issues and questions paper asked a number of questions to stakeholders to inform the Technology Assisted Voting review.

Issues and questions paper (PDF 0.4MB)

Issues and questions paper (DOC 0.8MB)