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Documents and forms review

Before lodging an application, a party should check whether it has:

  • a written constitution

  • the address of the party headquarters in New South Wales (it cannot be a post office box or private mailbox)

  • the application fee ready (if applicable)

  • office holders’ details (secretary, registered officer and deputy registered officer)

  • a list containing the required minimum members (750 members for state elections and 100 members for local government elections). The list should contain the full name, address, and date of birth of each member, and

  • a completed Application to register a political party form and the Declarations of party membership form for each party member that is being relied on by the party for registration. More than the requisite number of members is recommended to ensure that the registration process is not delayed.

Parties must include the following information as well (either as part of the constitution or in separate documents):

  • the party’s objectives

  • the procedure for amending the constitution

  • the rules for membership, including the procedure for accepting a person as a member and ending the person membership

  • the description of the party structure and how the party manages its internal affairs

  • the procedure for selecting and removing a person from/to hold an office and

  • the names of the officers or members responsible for ensuring the party complies with electoral laws.