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Compulsory enrolment and voting

Compulsory enrolment

All Australian citizens 18 years of age or over who have lived at their current NSW address for at least one month are required by law to enrol to vote for NSW state and local government elections.

Any person can check their enrolled address. Check your enrolment.

Any person wishing to enrol for the first time or change their existing enrolment details should go to the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) website for information on the process.  The AEC jointly manages enrolment for NSW elections.

The Electoral Commissioner keeps and maintains a record of all enrolled electors in an Electoral Information Register and prepares authorised rolls for each election.

Enrolment deadline for candidates and nominators

For a person to be qualified to be nominated as a candidate for an election, they must be enrolled in New South Wales as at 6pm on the date of issue of the writs for the election (i.e. 6pm, Monday, 6 March 2023). That same deadline applies for persons who wish to act as nominators for candidates at elections.