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The comments on submissions period has closed.

Comments received have been published. The content below has been left here for information purposes only.

Submissions on the draft determination have been published. The public is now invited to comment on the submissions.

Anyone can lodge a comment on a submission that has been made to and published by the Redistribution Panel relating to the proposed electoral names and boundaries. You may comment as an individual or behalf of a group, organisation or political party.

The period for lodging your comment starts on 10 December 2020 and closes 23 December 2020. Comments received prior to 10 December 2020 or after 23 December 2020 will not be accepted by the Redistribution Panel.

Redistribution is a whole-of-State process. The Electoral Districts Redistribution Panel’s primary task is to distribute the enrolled electors evenly across New South Wales and comments on submissions about individual electoral districts must be balanced with this goal. It is a preference of the Redistribution Panel that comments on submissions contain alternative solutions rather than simply criticism. Example comments include:

  • I object to the submission <reference number> for the following reasons… My alternative is…

  • I support the submission <reference number> for the following reasons…

The Redistribution Panel may hold a public hearing. Under section 26(3) of the Electoral Act 2017, further submissions may be made to the Redistribution Panel at any public hearing by or on behalf of any person who, or organisation that, lodged a submission or comment on a submission relating to the draft determination.