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Public hearing

As provided for by the Electoral Act 2017, the Electoral Districts Redistribution Panel held a public hearing into the submissions and comments on the draft determination.

The public hearing (held on Friday, 30 April 2021) was an opportunity for people who, or organisations that, lodged a submission or comment on the draft determination to further address the Panel. The speakers in order of appearance are as follows:

  1. Mr Chris Shaw

  2. The Australian Labor Party (NSW Branch) represented by: The Hon John Graham MLC

  3. The Greens NSW, represented by: Mr Seamus Lee, Registered Officer, and Christopher Maltby, Deputy Registered Officer

  4. The NSW Nationals represented by: Mr Joe Lundy, State Director, and Mr Andrew Fraser (Member for Coffs Harbour 1990-2019)

  5. The Liberal Party of Australia (NSW Division) represented by: Mr Chris Stone, State Director, and Mr Nick Westenberg, Deputy Campaign Director 

Recording of the public hearing