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2021 Consultation process

The information on this page has been left for informational purposes only to provide insight into the 2021 Redistribution consultation process.

View the submissions we received during the 2021 Redistribution consultation process.

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What is a submission?

You are now invited to lodge written submissions with the Redistribution Panel about the draft determination. All submissions made in this phase of public consultation must relate to the draft determination proposed by the Redistribution Panel.

The period for lodging your submission starts on Monday, 9 November 2020 and closes Wednesday, 9 December 2020. Submissions received prior to Monday, 9 November 2020 or after Wednesday, 9 December 2020 will not be accepted by the Redistribution Panel.

Keep in mind that redistribution is a whole-of-state process. Submissions about individual electoral districts should be balanced with understanding that the Redistribution Panel's primary task is to distribute enrolled electors as evenly as possible across the 93 electoral districts in New South Wales.

Submissions should be clear and logical and include reasons. It is a preference of the Redistribution Panel that submissions contain alternative solutions rather than simply criticism. Showing you have community support for your submission may help the Redistribution Panel in its decision-making processes. You may wish to make reference to the following criteria contained in section 21(2) of the Electoral Act 2017:

  • community of interests within the electoral district, including economic, social and regional interests, 

  • means of communication and travel within the electoral district, 

  • the physical features and area of the electoral district, 

  • mountains and other natural boundaries, 

  • existing boundaries.

The Redistribution Panel may hold a public hearing. In the case of a public hearing, you must have lodged a submission or a comment on a submission relating to the draft determination to be able to make a further submission at the public hearing. This is pursuant to section 26(3) of the Electoral Act 2017.

How to make a submission

Publishing your submission

Comments on submissions

View the comments on the submissions we received during the 2021 Redistribution consultation process.

How to make a comment on submissions

Publishing your comment