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Wheelchair accessibility ratings

The NSW Electoral Commission provides three classifications/ratings for wheelchair accessibility:

  • fully wheelchair accessible

  • assisted access

  • no wheelchair access.

The NSW Electoral Commission  relies on Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) data and accessibility information for most venues.  The NSW Electoral Commission provides additional reviews of early voting centres and Election Manager’s offices.

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Fully wheelchair accessible:

To be classified as fully wheelchair accessible  venues need to:

  • Have a clearly designated accessible car park within 50m of the venue entrance.

  • Have a clearly defined accessible path of travel from the carpark to the venue entrance:

    • no steps or lips

    • clear of vegetation, solid (concrete or paved) path

    • any ramps are of an appropriate gradient and have handrails.

  • Door width is at least 850mm and door is open or easily opened and there are no lips/steps:

    • has sufficient circulation space inside the venue; and

    • has a designated accessible toilet.

Assisted access:

To be classified as an assisted access venue, a person in a wheelchair should be able to access the venue however may require assistance at one or more points. It may fail to meet criteria to be fully wheelchair accessible because of one or more of the following:

  • No designated accessible car park (venue has no designated car park or none within 50m)

  • No designated accessible toilet (venue does not have a designated accessible toilet or path of travel to accessible toilet is not suitable)

  • Path of travel may require assistance (may be further than 50m from carpark, path maybe uneven or unsealed, there may be small lip or single step to overcome)

  • Access ramp not to standard (may be steeper or longer than recommended, may be lacking suitable handrails)

  • Building entrance has lip/step (venue has a small lip, greater than 3cm or single small step at entrance which a wheelchair may be able to navigate with assistance)

  • Door width less than 850mm but greater than 740mm

  • Limited circulation space inside venue (venue has limited space inside and assistance may be required to navigate a wheelchair around)

If a venue is designated as “assisted access” additional information is provided, such as: “Assisted access, No designated accessible parking spot”.

No wheelchair access

The venue is not accessible for people using a wheelchair.