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2021 NSW Local Government elections: Political Participants Bulletin No.7

Bulletin No.7
Issued 12 May 2021

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1. Candidate information webinars

I would like to thank everyone who attended the online candidate information webinar held on Tuesday, 11 May.

The next round of webinars will be conducted:

  • 11am, Thursday 10 June – General information
  • 6pm, Tuesday 15 June – General information (repeated)
  • 2pm, Thursday 1 July – Nominations

View past webinars and register your attendance for future webinars: Candidate information webinars

2. Actions requested of registered parties in this bulletin

Registered political parties are requested to provide certain details to the NSW Electoral Commission over the coming weeks. The following is a list to summarise what we require from registered parties. The information can be emailed to candidates@elections.nsw.gov.au 

Information requiredSee sectionInformation required by

Party administrator details for the Nominations Online Management System


Tuesday, 1 June 2021

Confirm registered name or abbreviation to appear on ballot papers


Tuesday, 1 June 2021

Confirm party acronym for the election results website


Tuesday, 15 June 2021

3. Political donation awareness campaign

The NSW Electoral Commission has produced a series of video animations aimed at raising awareness of the political donation laws that apply in NSW.  These animations cover a range of topics, including what constitutes a lawful donation, who can make political donations, when and how donations must be disclosed to the NSW Electoral Commission, rules for fundraisers, and the ban on cash donations over $100.

The animations are a useful resource for all political participants in NSW, in particular for prospective donors and donation recipients at the 2021 Local Government elections.

We encourage you to watch, and share, the animations.

4. Nomination Online Management System overview

The NSW Electoral Commission has developed a nomination online management system (NOMS) to be used at the 2021 Local Government elections.

 The system allows parties, groups and independent candidates to do the following online:

  • complete and lodge nomination forms
  • create a group
  • pay the relevant nomination deposit.

 The NSW Electoral Commission will provide an overview of the online system in the candidate information webinar to be held on Thursday, 1 July 2021.

For further information, please call the candidate helpdesk on 1300 022 011.

5. Request for provision of party administration details for Nomination Online Management system

Registered Political Parties (RPPs) and their candidates may use NOMS to prepare and lodge nomination and grouping forms and to pay nomination deposits. NOMS will be accessible on the NSW Electoral Commission website from the week commencing Monday, 28 June 2021.

For nominations by a registered political party, a party administrator must be set up for each party in NOMS. The NSW Electoral Commission requires the name, contact phone number and an email address for the party administrator of each party. This email address will be used to access NOMS and the party administrator will receive all notifications on the progress of each candidate nomination and/or group. 

The registered officer and deputy registered officer will be copied into each email to the party’s administrator, to ensure visibility of the progress of each candidate nomination and group form. If there is more than one person managing the party’s nominations, the NSW Electoral Commission would suggest the party set up a shared mailbox. There cannot be more than one party administrator email address and user account for each party.

Please send your party administrator details to candidates@elections.nsw.gov.au no later than Tuesday, 1 June 2021.

6. Request for confirmation whether Registered Political Party name or abbreviation will appear on the ballot paper

As part of our configuration of NOMS, we also ask that parties indicate whether they wish the full party name or its registered abbreviation to appear on the ballot paper.

Please indicate your preference by email to candidates@elections.nsw.gov.au no later than Tuesday, 1 June 2021.

 A party may change this preference during the nomination period.

Please note that the Commissioner may refuse to change information in the local government register of parties, such as the registered name or abbreviation of a party, from 26 July 2021.

7. Request for confirmation of Registered Political Party acronyms on the NSW Electoral Commission results website

From 6.00pm on election night, results will be published on the NSW Electoral Commission's website.

Due to space limitations, some results screens will show an acronym of each party in order to limit the party name to no more than 4 letters.

The proposed acronyms are listed below in the column headed ‘Results acronym’. If a party nominated candidates for the 2017 Local Government elections, the same acronym is proposed for the 2021 election.

Party nameResults acronym
Animal Justice PartyAJP
Australia First Party (NSW) Incorporated (Councils)AFPI
Australian Federation Party New South WalesAFPN
Australian Labor Party (NSW Branch)ALP
Australian Women’s PartyAWP
Central Coast HeartCCH
Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group)CDP
Clover Moore Independent TeamCMI
Community First TeamCFT
Country Labor PartyCLP
Georges River Residents and Ratepayers PartyGRRP
Good for ManlyGFM
Independent Community VoiceICV
Kerryn Phelps IndependentsKPI
Kogarah Residents’ AssociationKRA
Lake Mac IndependentsLMI
Liberal Democratic PartyLDP
Liverpool Community Independents TeamLCIT
Lorraine Wearne IndependentsLWI
Manly Independents – Putting Residents FirstMI
National Party of Australia – NSWNP
Nella Hall IndependentsNHI
Our Local CommunityOLC
Our Sustainable FutureOSF
Pauline Hanson’s One NationPHON
Reason Party NSWRP
Residents First WoollahraRFW
Science Party NSWSP
Serving MosmanSM
Shoalhaven Independents GroupSIG
Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party (NSW) IncorporatedSFP
Socialist AllianceSA
Strathfield IndependentsSI
Sustainable Australia (NSW)SUA
The Arts Party NSWTAP
The Ben Shields TeamBST
The Greens NSWGRN
The Liberal Party of Australia, New South Wales DivisionLIB
The Local Independent PartyTLIP
The Open PartyTOP
The Small Business PartySBP
Totally Locally Committed PartyTLC
Your Northern Beaches Independent TeamYNB

When a person hovers their mouse over the acronym the full name of the RPP will appear in a ‘pop up’.

If a party wishes to propose an alternative webpage results acronym, the registered officer or deputy registered officer should advise us by emailing candidates@elections.nsw.gov.au by the close of business Tuesday, 15 June 2021. Please note that symbols such as ‘&’ cannot be used. After that date, no further changes can be considered.