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iVote source code review invitation

As part of the overall strategy for iVote use at the 2019 NSW State election, the NSW Electoral Commissioner invites requests from individuals who have a private or academic interest and expertise in electronic voting, or a related field, to review aspects of the iVote system source code prior to the election in March 2019.

The purpose is to improve the integrity and security of the iVote system by inviting independent experts to identify and report to the Commissioner on any potential technical issues or vulnerabilities.

  1. The source code that the Commissioner may make available for pre-election review would be components mainly associated with the encryption, decryption, verification and validation of votes. The Commissioner also anticipates releasing source code of certain components of the voting system after the election.

  2. Any individual wishing to apply to the NSW Electoral Commissioner for access to the source code prior to the election should register their interest with the NSW Electoral Commission by email at ivote.enquiries@elections.nsw.gov.au

  3. This email must identify the basis on which the individual claims to have an interest and expertise in electronic voting or a related field.

  4. The following conditions will also apply to any application made, or access granted, to review the iVote voting system source code:
    • The iVote Voting System source code supplied to the NSW Electoral Commissioner by Scytl1 will only be available for review by an individual on the NSW Electoral Roll or the Australian Electoral Roll.
    • The details of each review application received by the Commissioner will be shared with Scytl, and may also be shared with third parties to enable the Commissioner to establish the identity and expertise of an applicant.
    • The Commissioner may request the applicant to provide additional material in support of their application.
    • Any successful applicant will be required to sign a Deed of Confidentiality and Privacy with both the NSW Electoral Commission and with Scytl before accessing any components of the source code for review.
    • The Commissioner and Scytl reserve the right to refuse any application, including (without limitation) where an applicant works for a competitor of Scytl, where an applicant is unable to demonstrate to the satisfaction of the Commissioner sufficient expertise in electronic voting or a related field, or where the Commissioner considers it is not in the public interest to grant access in a particular case or in general.

  5. Consistent with past practice, the NSW Electoral Commission has also engaged its own experts to review the source code to ensure appropriate independent analysis occurs prior to the 2019 NSW State election. These experts will also be subject to appropriate confidentiality arrangements, including under a Deed.

1Scytl Australia Pty Limited, a subsidiary of Scytl Secure Electronic Voting S.A. (Barcelona, Spain)