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Thousands to vote before Saturday, 9 September 2017

Thousands of people are expected to take advantage of early voting leading up to the NSW Council elections to be held on Saturday, 9 September 2017.

"Postal and pre-poll voting continue to be very popular because there is no absent voting at council elections. In addition, legislation does not provide for iVote® internet voting to be used for these elections," said NSW Electoral Commissioner, John Schmidt.

"This means that people who can’t get to a polling place for their council area or ward on election day should arrange for a postal or pre-poll vote so they can exercise their democratic right and avoid a penalty notice for not voting."

Postal voting

People can apply for a postal vote online or by calling 1300 135 736.

Applications must be received by 5pm on Monday, 4 September. People, particularly those in remote areas, are encouraged to apply as soon as possible to allow for postage time.

Pre-poll voting

People can also vote early at one of 101 pre-poll voting centres across the state.

Pre-poll voting opens 8am Monday, 28 August and closes 6pm Friday, 8 September. For locations and opening times, visit the website or call us.

Enroll or update your address details when you vote early

People who are not on the roll in NSW or whose current enrolment details are not correct may be eligible to enroll or update their details when they vote. They need to bring their NSW driver license or NSW Photo Card showing their current address, and be ready to provide Australian citizenship details if born overseas.

People can check their enrolment details by visiting our website or calling us.

Information: call 1300 135 736.

Not all NSW councils are having elections. To see if your council is having an election and whether you need to vote call 1300 135 736.

Maitland City Council is conducting its own election. Enquiries should be directed to the council: Election funding enquiries for all councils should be directed to the NSW Electoral Commission.

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