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Statement: NSW election vote count update 3

Vote counting activities this week 3-8 April.

Counting is proceeding as planned in line with legislative requirements and the published count timeline.

We have now received around 445,000 postal votes and will continue to receive more this week. The Electoral Commissioner continues to remind voters that their completed postal votes must be received by 6pm, Thursday, 6 April to be included in the count.

The counting of the remaining tranche of postal votes (progressive count 3) is scheduled to commence at 8.30am, Saturday, 8 April.

The following count activity will continue this week:

  • Legislative Assembly check counts at Election Managers’ offices for ordinary votes cast at voting centres, early voting centres and declared facilities.

  • Legislative Assembly and Legislative Council initial and check counts for postal votes (for progressive count 2) will continue at the Centralised Postal Vote Count Centre (CPVCC).

  • Legislative Assembly and Legislative Council initial and check counts for declaration votes cast at voting centres (for progressive count 1 and 2) will continue at the Centralised Declaration Vote Count Centre (CDVCC). It is expected that progressive count 3 will commence from 8.30am Wednesday 5 April.

  • Legislative Council check counts for votes issued at voting centres will continue at the Legislative Council Count Centre (LCCC).

The projected number of votes to be included in progressive count 3 for both postal and declaration votes will be published on our website prior to the count commencing.

No counting is scheduled for Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

The overall progress of the count remains on track for all districts to meet the timeline published on the NSW Electoral Commission website. The operating days and hours of our count centres are also published on our website.

Counting progress is available live through the Virtual tally room

Information about how votes are counted in state elections is available on our website.  

Count timeline

  • Wednesday, 12 April - Estimated completion of check counts for Legislative Assembly districts

  • Thursday, 13 April - Estimated distribution of preferences for each district  

  • Friday, 14 April - Estimated declaration of results for each Legislative Assembly district

  • Thursday, 20 April – Estimated declaration of results for the Legislative Council

For more information about counting and results, view the recording of our webinar on the topic.

For information about the 2023 NSW State election, visit the NSW Electoral Commission website or call 1300 135 736.

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