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iVote code released for review

Background to the code release

For the 2019 NSW State election, the NSW Electoral Commission worked with Scytl, a provider of online voting technology, to make online and telephone voting available for eligible electors.

To support continuous improvement to the iVote platform, the proprietary source code developed by Scytl will be published and made available to qualified reviewers for inspection and feedback.

Release of the source code is being undertaken as part of our commitment to transparency and scrutiny of the iVote system.

Code release registration

Under the code release a comprehensive list of components will be made available for review, including the voting system, the iVote verification application and the mixnet.

Interested parties must register with Scytl to access the software and agree to conditions of access.

Parties wishing to review the source code can register their interest with Scytl.

The following documents are also available for review:

All iVote reports

Media enquiries only
Phone: (02) 9290 5936