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Apply to work at the 2019 NSW State election

The NSW Electoral Commission is encouraging applications for jobs at the 2019 State election.

Acting NSW Electoral Commissioner Matt Phillips encouraged people to apply at elections.nsw.gov.au.

"We offer a range of paid roles on election day or for up to eight weeks for some administrative jobs," he said.

"Delivering democracy is worthy work and provides people with transferable skills as well as income. We particularly encourage younger people to apply and get involved in the democratic process."

A State election is a major public event, with more than five million NSW electors predicted to vote at 2,500 voting centres next year.

It is a large scale logistical exercise conducted in a high profile and time-dependent environment.

You must be enrolled to vote to be offered employment. Mr Phillips said there were lots of exciting roles depending on people’s experience.

"People employed on election day help set up voting centres, issue ordinary and absent ballot papers, sort and count ballot papers and then help decommission the voting centre," he said.

"Our employees are totally focused on helping people vote and customer experience is paramount."

NSW resident Lila Dimoski said she had enjoyed working at federal, State and local government elections.

"I love helping people exercise their right to vote," she said. "You see another side of the community at voting centres. I encourage young people to get involved and learn the process of providing democracy.

"You get to work in a team and there are lots of different roles to do and everyone works really hard to finish the job. Delivering democracy is really worth it. We are very lucky to have the right to vote. Everyone should vote."

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